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AL Gebra - MAth Detective

Client: BBC Studio: Sun and Moon Role: Storyboarding, Animation Year: 2015

Meet Al Gebra. Maths detective. Here to resolve your numerical problems while mocking you at the same time.

Created by Sun and Moon Studios, and commisioned by the BBC. This 7 part video series was created for BBC GCSE Bitesize Maths - covering some of the criteria required for the final exams.

As with all of Sun and Moon projects, Al Gebra injected great amounts of character and humour to help make the subjects memorable and interesting. I was thankful to be able to storyboard and animate on the series, bringing the talented art of Sam Shaw to life!

Client: BBC

Director: Louis Jones, Dylan Shipley

Production Company: Sun and Moon Studios

Design: Sam Shaw, Nick Crimmen

Animation: Dan Keeble, Jake Harvey, Kate Derrick, Jon Atkinson

Storyboarding: Jake Harvey, Sam Shaw, Jon Atkinson

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